Financial Audit

One of our services is a professionally performed financial audit. In the BT&A Group, we have an entity authorized to audit financial statements, entered on the list of entities kept by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors under number 4264.

We audit financial statements in accordance with the national audit standards issued by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors in Poland or the International Standards on Auditing.

Our services mainly include:

  • audits of annual separate and consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with the Accounting Act,
  • audits of annual separate and consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with the International Accounting Standards

Audit – What it consists of?

An audit is an independent assessment of the financial condition of a given enterprise. A financial audit, also known as a financial audit, carries out a thorough verification of the financial statements prepared by the company, which are checked against strictly defined standards and regulations.

Using the help of statutory auditors as part of an audit is one of the basic elements of the proper conduct of business activity. Therefore, this task should be entrusted to the best specialists. Our company provides services at the highest level – we work on the basis of unique solutions and many years of experience acquired as a result of cooperation with the world’s largest consulting companies, which in turn is a guarantee of success!

We work with companies from all over Poland! We are also an auditor of many companies reporting their results abroad to Capital Groups.

We conduct the financial audit in accordance with:

National auditing standards, issued by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors in Poland

International Standards on Auditing issued by IFAC

The IFAC Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants


Our methodology has been carefully refined based on the experience that our partners have gained during many years of work for the world’s largest consulting companies. Our concept of financial audit focuses not only on verifying the numbers and disclosures included in the asset statement, but primarily on helping clients identify risks and other factors that may distort the image of business.

When creating a financial audit, we do not focus only on identifying the risk, pointing it to the client and possible help in eliminating its effects, but we try to get to the source of the problem so as to eliminate the threat completely. Our services guarantee the security and comprehensiveness of all customer data.

As part of the financial audit, we prepare a Letter to the Management Board, in which we include our observations and recommendations for improving the accounting and internal control system. The motto of our audits is also responding to the needs of customers and continuous ongoing cooperation with them. Before commencing the verification of the correctness of the accounting books, we meet with the Management Board to identify and discuss the needs of the Company. During the survey, we communicate our observations on an ongoing basis in order to avoid unwelcome “surprises” at the end of the survey.

At the same time, we encourage you to contact us and cooperate throughout the year in order to resolve any issues that may arise on an ongoing basis. We direct our offer to customers from all over Poland.
BT&A is a group created by professionals who have gained experience and knowledge for over a decade in the largest global consulting companies. Thanks to this, we can offer you the highest quality of services, while offering flexibility, individual approach to each client, as well as rational and reasonable terms of cooperation.