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Korean Desk

BT&A Group deals with business support for Korean clients, ranging from assistance related to formalities when establishing a company in Poland, through ongoing accounting, HR and payroll services, to legal and tax assistance. The Korean Desk at BT&A Group is created by a native Korean, Nami Lee, who, thanks to her origin, knowledge of languages, culture and commitment, is an ideal support for the daily duties of Korean entrepreneurs.

Korean Desk offers entrepreneurs:
• support in Korean
• assistance in establishing a Company
• financial, accounting, tax and investment advice
• ongoing accounting, personnel and payroll settlements of the Company
• legalization of stay and work
• cooperation with statutory auditors

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The complexity of Polish accounting and tax regulations, changes established by the Polish Government, as well as the complexity of HR and payroll settlements often become a barrier for an entrepreneur who plans to invest in Poland. BT&A Group provides help, support and commitment of our specialists to ensure that each investment in our country is carried out in accordance with the high expectations of the Korean entrepreneur.