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Nami Lee

Nami Lee has 10 years of financial management experience in a Korean company based in Poland. Highly qualified, always with a professional approach to Korean clients, understanding their needs and culture, being able to explain the Polish accounting and tax complexities in a simple and understandable language, both in English and in their native Korean language.

She has very valuable experience both in working in an accounting office and in a large corporation, which allows her to match the cooperation between the client and the accounting office with the highest standards.

Thanks to her skills and comprehensive involvement in any clients’ issues, each problem is thoroughly checked, verified and quickly solved so as not to interfere with the daily work of foreign entrepreneurs in Poland.

For Nami, success and comfort of her clients is of the utmost importance, which is why she fulfills herself with great commitment as a business manager for the "Korean Desk" client.


Business Development Team Leader

Tel: +48 787 664 675
Mail: nami.lee@btagroup.pl