Financial Reporting

Financial Statements

We prepare financial statements (annual required by law or periodic for the purposes of data presentation, transformations, etc.) based on the provided accounting data. We will prepare a balance sheet, profit and loss account, statement of changes in equity, cash flow statement and additional information. If you already have a financial statement prepared and you need it to be examined by a statutory auditor, we can help you in this regard as well.

We make sure that the reports we prepare for you are:

  • always in line with current Polish accounting regulations,
  • made using the international standards IAS (MSR), US-GAAP, HB I and HB II,
  • drawn up without conflicts with regard to the reporting obligations for the Central Statistical Office and the National Bank of Poland,
  • created in accordance with the requirements of capital groups – we carry out group reports, consolidation packages, reviews, etc.
  • fully in line with the client’s expectations.

We also perform an optional audit – audit of financial statements at the client’s request.

BT&A Advisory Wrocław offers its clients a comprehensive offer that has been properly adapted to the current market needs.

Financial Statements

Way of preparing the report

On October 1, 2018, a new act on accounting entered into force in the field of electronic preparation and signing of financial statements. Entities keeping books of accounts are required to prepare a tax return in an electronic form. Such a document must bear a qualified electronic signature. You must remember that a hard copy printout will only be a copy and not the original. The financial report that we send you electronically will be saved in an XML file that you can open at any time using a special program.

Do you need not only an annual report, but also a periodic report for the presentation of data or transformations? We are at your disposal.

We also offer an audit of statutory financial statements as well as an audit, review or other forms of certification of group reporting packages