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Tax Cousultancy

In the scope of our services, we offer comprehensive tax advisory services covering all current issues that may arise in connection with your business activities. In line with your expectations, our activity will consist in preparing a tax opinion on a specific issue or in providing a direct service by phone or e-mail. Our offer is very wide and covers many levels in the field of taxes. Tax planning or analysis are only a part of what you can get from us.

  • consequences in terms of the flat rate on the goods and services of planned or completed economic transations,
  • analysis of Polish regulations in terms of their compliance with the provisions of EU law,
  • planning the allocation of taxable and VAT-exempt activities in order to optimally calculate the ratio (proportion),
  • correct determination of VAT rates for taxable activities,
  • analysis of the correctness of recognizing the moment when the obligation arises,
  • assistance to foreign entities in the process of VAT refund for the purchase of goods and services on the territory of Poland,
  • registration of international and domestic entities for VAT purposes.
  • consequences in the field of corporate income tax of planned or completed economic transactions,
  • tax qualification of individual revenues and costs,
  • analysis of the possibility of using the loss of receivables,
  • analysis of the consequences of transfers of funds to foreign entities,
  • assistance in the flat-rate qualification of expenses incurred for advertising, training and promotional activities,
  • determining the optimal principles of depreciation of the fiscal burden.
  • planning an effective remuneration system for employees and management,
  • analiza finansowych konsekwencji wykorzystania mienia pracodawcy do celów prywatnych pracowników,
  • projektowanie efektywnych rozwiązań z zakresu ubezpieczeń społecznych,
  • analiza podatkowych aspektów relokacji międzynarodowej pracowników.
  • ensuring the correctness and timeliness of excise tax settlements,
  • analysis of the correctness of individual solutions to excise law (e.g. tax warehouse, tax collection suspension procedures),
  • representation of our clients in contacts with customs authorities.

The tax consultancy offered by our office prides itself on high professionalism. Our experts skillfully combine theoretical knowledge with its practical consequences. We are aware that it is not only an efficient response to existing issues, but above all, an effective design of future economic events. Depending on your needs, we are ready to define the consequences of planned transactions or propose such a shape of the planned transaction that would enable its optimization while achieving its business goals. We believe that our actions will allow you to achieve measurable benefits while minimizing the level of risk.

Our services are aimed at increasing the flat-rate efficiency related to domestic and international economic transactions. The tax consultancy we offer takes into account not only national and international regulations in the field of receivables, but also individual economic conditions of the analyzed transactions. In particular, our services cover the following areas:

  • design and implementation of optimal project / economic contract schemes,
  • designing and implementing effective foreign investment strategies in Poland,
  • planning financial flows between entities from the group,
  • indication of flat-rate effective methods of financing projects / investments,
  • analysis of potential exit strategies.

Our tax advisory services enable the proper management of the tax situation of each entity and the avoidance (minimization) of potential risk. In particular, the proposed solutions allow our clients to achieve tangible flat rate benefits in the form of increased financial liquidity. Our services include:

  • analysis of the possibility of returning overpaid flat rate liabilities,
  • developing a favorable bad debt management policy,
  • matching future returns of excess input tax over due tax to the forecast financial situation of a given entity,
  • analysis of the possibility of obtaining a faster VAT refund,
  • analysis of the benefits related to the change in the method of VAT settlement (monthly vs. quarterly),
  • analysis of the possibilities related to postponing the moment of recognizing the tax obligation in the field of VAT,
  • developing a policy of effective management of costs recognized as tax deductible costs (in particular, acceleration of cost recognition),
  • analysis of the situation in which it is possible to defer the recognition of income for income tax purposes,
  • analysis of the obligation to collect withholding tax on payments (e.g. interest, royalties, dividends) to non-residents.

Thanks to us, you will avoid unnecessary financial surpluses of your company. The in-depth analysis carried out by our team will make sure that every issue is no longer your problem. Rely on us and visit our office in Wrocław.

We offer the implementation of both comprehensive reviews covering all tax settlements of your company and reviews aimed at detailed verification of the correctness of settlements of receivables / areas of the company's activity. The main goal of any tax review is always:

  • verification of the correctness of the company's tax settlements and identification of possible risks,
  • recommendations as to specific actions aimed at minimizing the identified risks both for the company and for persons responsible for their settlement of receivables,
  • recommendations as to specific actions aimed at minimizing the identified risks both for the company and for persons responsible for their settlement of receivables.

We offer you the development and implementation of solutions that will facilitate and ensure the effectiveness of the company's flat-rate settlements. In particular, we propose the development and implementation of procedures that will ensure correctness when verifying the correctness of the company's settlements for individual receivables and enable a comprehensive assessment of its tax situation. We believe that our solutions will prevent the emergence of risks related to the future activities of the company and will allow you to fully focus on its business activities. In addition, the solutions we design also take into account the individual conditions of the company and the IT and accounting systems you use.

We offer tax consultancy in many ways - one of them is professional physical support. Our specialists have extensive experience in representing taxpayers in the course of tax audits, flat-rate proceedings and proceedings before provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court in Warsaw. Our goal is to represent your interests in such a way that the tax audit / proceeding is successfully completed at the earliest possible stage.

The consultancy covers in particular the service and tax optimization of merger, transformation and restructuring processes.

We are ready to provide you with comprehensive tax structuring services for planned economic activities. Our consultants have participated in numerous national and international M&A projects. Our primary goal is to obtain measurable benefits while achieving the assumed business goals of the analyzed activities. We believe that the solutions we propose will enable efficient and effective implementation of the planned activities in terms of settlements. Our offer includes:

  • conducting due diligence of entities to be acquired / restructured,
  • developing an effective transaction scenario, which at the same time ensures the achievement of the assumed business goals,
  • minimizing tax risks related to the planned transaction,
  • verification of the provisions of planned economic contracts in terms of their effectiveness,
  • practical assistance in the implementation of the proposed solutions.

We also provide tax consultancy in the form of workshops and training sessions organized by us. The subject of trainings may be both individual receivables (VAT, CIT, etc.) as well as comprehensive approaches to individual tax issues. The training we organize may also concern solutions specific to individual industries (pharmaceutical, construction, financial). We are ready to adapt the subject and the detailed scope of training to your individual needs. With us, everything will become clear!

Our offer includes comprehensive services for the entire investment process in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), in particular the following activities:

  • support at the stage of obtaining a permit to operate in the SEZ,
  • determining the correct moment to start operations in the SEZ,
  • allocation of individual revenues and costs of the company according to zone (exempt) and extra-zone (taxed) activities,
  • determining the correct amount of the available exemption for operating in the SEZ in particular accounting periods,
  • analysis of the possibility of combining the benefits related to the functioning of the company in the SEZ with other forms of public aid,
  • monitoring of changes in tax regulations regarding SEZs and their impact on your business.

Our offer focuses on ensuring the maximum level of tax security for our clients in terms of transfer pricing, in particular through:

  • development of a transfer pricing policy and its current update,
  • preparation of documentation between related entities (the so-called 9a documentation),
  • collecting and developing documentation confirming both the fact of providing intangible services as well as the relationship of specific services with your income,
  • tax qualification of intra-group transactions (e.g. annual transfer pricing adjustment, true-up cost),,
  • conducting proceedings regarding the issue by the Minister of Finance of the so-called advance pricing agreement.

Our offer includes comprehensive VAT settlements for foreign entities, including registration for VAT purposes in Poland, preparation and keeping of VAT records, preparation of VAT declarations, Summary Information and Intrastat declarations.

The variety of our services allows us to adjust all possible needs and expectations of the client, which is one of our main goals. In order to ensure high quality of cooperation, we approach each case individually so that the client can achieve maximum satisfaction.